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Swimwear FAQs

1.         What should I look out for when buying swimwear online?

These days there is little need for going to a shop to try on swimwear. All swimwear brands have excellent size charts, which we have attached to all items on this web page. Just pick any swimwear you like and find the right size for you. If you need bust support, a bikini top with larger straps or a halter top is recommended. For plus-sized women check out our Funkita women’s swimwear! [LINK?]


2.         What type of swimwear would best suit me?

Did you know that choosing between a high leg or boy leg brief, or coloured or striped swimwear can make all the difference in how swimwear may look on you particulary? To assist you with choosing the most flattering swimwear for your body type, we have made an overview of body shapes.


3.         Does swimwear provide UV protection?

Most swimwear is designed to give protection against the sun and if so it has a SPF 50+ or UPF 50+ label. To also protect any skin that is not covered by swimwear, use a water-resistant factor 30 sunscreen, but remember that this wears off in time and can rub off. If you want 100% guaranteed sun protection, consider buying a rash vest for swimwear!


4.         Which materials are best for pool use and which for the ocean?

For swimwear that doesn’t deteriorate after use in swimming pools, choose a chlorine-proof or chlorine-resistant material (close to 100% polyester), with a small percentage of elastane. Swimwear made out of polyester is more colour-proof and not prone to fading. The drawback is that chlorine-proof swimwear can feel tight, as it is less flexible.

If you want more stretchy swimwear, you should choose swimwear with a higher spandex content (like Lycra), which has more elastane fibre in it, and is excellent swimwear for use in fresh and salt water.

Always make sure to follow the care instructions on the label inside your swimwear, as all swimwear should be washed separately, carefully and after every use.


5.         Which swimwear is best used for swimming competitions?

Obviously it is best to buy smooth-fitting swimwear that doesn’t leave any gaps, but you should also be aware of the materials used and the shape of the swimwear. Speedo has been making excellent streamlined sports swimwear for decades and Swimwear Shack offers an affordable range of quality swimwear.


6.         Should I choose a tie or clip fastener on the back?

- The advantage of a tie strings is that you can adjust the swimwear to your body size. The ties are not as secure as clip fasteners and less suitable for water sports.

- Bikini tops with a clip fastener on the back are a great choice for water and beach activities because they are less bulky on the back and are harder to undo. However, swimwear with clips cannot be adjusted: so be careful to choose the right size for your body shape!


7.         What happens if I don’t fit the swimwear I bought online?

Swimwear Shack is happy to offer our customers a hassle free returns policy. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we will happily offer you a full refund or replace the item with a different product from our great range of swimwear. Find out more about our refund policy and ordering online.