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Pear Body Shape

Pear Body Shape

The pear body shape appears quite curved around the bottom.

  • Shoulders: narrow
  • Breast: small
  • Waist: long
  • Bottom: full
  • Hips: wide, curved
  • Thighs: full


To balance out, emphasising your top half and drawing the attention away from your hips


-          Wear higher cut plain briefs to elongate the legs

-          Wear dark colours on your bottom half to minimise the hip area

-          Wear bright attractive colours and accessories on your top half, such as beads, ruffles and buckles

-          A padded bikini with cups will make you breasts seem bigger

-          Choose a ‘Princess’ cut for your bikini top or a halter style tops to broaden the shoulders

-          A Tankini style top with square neck will also draw the attention away from your hips


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