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The Perfect Swimwear Tops for Summer

The Swimwear Shack can offer a great range of women’s bathing suit tops.  You can choose from sexy string bikinis, retro halter necks, tankinis, super-sporty rashies and more.  This is your one-stop shop for swimwear.  You will be able to find the perfect summer outfit for the beach and pool online now.

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Swimwear Tops for the Beach and Pool

There is such a great selection of swimwear tops on the market you will be spoilt for choice.  You can mix and match your tops and bottoms to create the perfect outfit for you.  For example you could pair a skimpy string bikini top with boyleg shorts for a functional yet sexy outfit for the beach.  You might want a bit more coverage for water sports so you could opt for a tankini with bikini briefs.  The choice is yours so make sure you look around and find the best swimwear tops for your needs.


Tankinis are very popular these days.  They offer plenty of coverage but are much easier to wear than one-piece suits.  It can be tricky struggling in and out of one-piece suits when you want to use the bathroom or change back into your everyday clothes.  Tankinis are simple tight fitting t-shirt or vest style tops that can be easily paired with shorts or briefs for functional beach and poolside clothing.


Bikini tops are simple bra-style tops that are ideal for lounging around in the sun.  This is a good option if you are working on your tan or you want to show off your figure.  Bikini tops vary from the tiny string designs through to the more robust ‘tank’ top styles.  Some of the biggest name sportswear brands such as Speedo also do robust bikinis and shortinis (bikini tops and boyleg short bottoms) that can be worn for swimming and other water sports.

Larger Bust

If you have a larger bust then you should opt for swimwear tops that have built-in underwired cups.  These can provide you with plenty of support.  This will not only feel much more comfortable but will also help to define your figure.  You can get built-in support in bikini tops, tankinis and one-piece swimsuits so there should be lots of choice in terms of style, designs and patterns.

Strap Designs

There are a few different strap designs available for swimwear tops.  This includes:

-Spaghetti Straps – these thin style straps provide support with minimum coverage.  They may not provide enough support if you have a large bust or you are taking part in energetic sports.

-Halter Necks – halter neck tops can provide good support to keep everything in place.  They also look very sexy and provide a little more coverage at the front than spaghetti straps.

-Tank Tops – tank tops have robust shoulder sections which are ideal for sports and additional support.

-Strapless – a good choice if you are working on your tan.  However will provide little support for larger busts or energetic sports.