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Cover up with Swimwear Shorts

There may be times when you need a little more coverage from your swimwear.  Shorts are a great option and practical for when you are taking part in beach or water sports.  This is ideal if you don’t want to be worried about flashing too much skin when you are trying to catch that perfect wave.

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  1. Funkita Ladies Short Brief Still Navy
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  4. Speedo Womens Agile ECO Boyleg
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Shorts for the Beach and Water

The Swimwear Shack has some great board shorts and mesh shorts for this summer season.  You can easily slip shorts on over your bikini bottoms for a little more coverage.  This is ideal for when you want to pop into a beach side café for some lunch or if you have had enough sun for one day. 

Board shorts are also a practical option if you do a lot of beach or water sports.  Board shorts are designed to provide more coverage when you are taking part in energetic sports such as surfing or water skiing.  This means you can concentrate on what you are doing and not whether you are flashing too much skin.  Board shorts are also great for beach games such as football and volleyball and they can be slipped on for extra warmth when the weather starts to cool down later in the day.

Here are some top tips for buying shorts for the beach and water:

-Material - If you want to use your shorts in the water check they are proper board shorts.  This means they will need to be made from a material that does not absorb too much water such as Lycra.  Mesh shorts (with modesty panels) are also available.  These dry out very quickly as they allow water to run off quickly. Cotton fashion board shorts will quickly get waterlogged and this can slow you down in the water and feel very uncomfortable.

-Sizing – most board shorts will be sold in standard sizing such as XS through to XXL.  Occasionally they may also be sold in dress sizes (size 8 through to 18+).  You may need to buy a size slightly larger than your normal dress size.  This will give you plenty of freedom of movement when you are in the water.  Make sure the waist band is not too loose though as they could slip off if you are pushing hard in the water.

-Matching Swimwear – you can buy board shorts as separates.  This is a good option if you already have a bikini or one-piece swimsuit and just want to slip them on over the top.  You can also get matching tops for board shorts including t-shirts, bikini tops and tankinis.

-Shortinis – this is just a slang term for a bikini that comes with a pair of boy shorts rather than briefs.  This is a great option if you want to wear a bikini but you would like a little more coverage on your bottom half.