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One Piece

One Piece Wonders for Your Summer Wardrobe

The Swimwear Shack has a fantastic range of sexy one-piece suits.  You can choose from some classic retro styles, sexy embellishments and the latest sporty favourites for your summer wardrobe.  Find your perfect one-piece swimsuit now for the beach or pool.

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Versatile and Sexy One-Piece Swimwear Designs

One-piece swimwear can offer you a lot of choices. There are some great designs available that can provide you with a classic, sexy or sporty look. 

Sporty Swimsuits

If you are more interested in getting active in the water than lounging on the beach then you need a swimsuit that offers durability and high performance.  Skimpy bikinis may be great for tanning but they may not be able to stand up to the rigours of surfing, swimming and water skiing.  There are some excellent sporty one-piece swimsuits available from top brands like Speedo.  These can provide you with low resistance, high performance wear for all kinds of water sports.

-If you are going to be getting active in your one-piece swimsuit make sure you try a few squats and stretches when you try the suit on.  This will help to ensure it can provide you with plenty of freedom of movement without rubbing or exposing too much skin.

-If you do a lot of surfing it can be a good idea to invest in a rashie vest as well as a one-piece sport swimsuit.  This will help to protect your chest and stomach as you are getting on and off the board.  Rashies can also help to keep you warm in the water so you can stay in longer and enjoy more quality surf time.

Stylish Swimsuits

There is also a great range of one-piece fashion swimwear for the beach and poolside.  These will provide you with comfort, coverage and style.  There are some fantastic designs on offer that can provide you with a flattering outline to your figure. This means you can emphasis your assets and feel confident on the beach or around the pool

-There are some great retro styles on offer for this summer season. This includes the classic 50’s low-cut thigh style with sweetheart neckline and bold polka dots and stripes.

-Modern swimsuits can offer some very sophisticated cuts.  This means you will be able to find suits that snip in waistlines and emphasis busts. 

-If you have a larger bust you could benefit from one-piece swimsuits with built-in support.  This provides more comfort and also helps to define your figure.

-Try to avoid buying a swimsuit that is too tight.  You may need to go up one dress size when buying one-piece suits.  This will ensure the fabric skims over your body and creates a smooth outline.  Swimsuits that are too tight will feel very uncomfortable and could create unsightly bulges.