Here at Swimwear Shack, we don’t think so!

With the overnight swimming success of sisters, Cate and Bronte Campbell, the question on everyone’s lips is whether or not the London Olympics can candle the heat.

Blitzing the competition at the Olympic trials in Adelaide last night just showed that persistence and family support can overcome many years of trials and tribulations.

With Cate, 19 and 17 year old Bronte placing first and second in the 50m freestyle, they have developed into overnight sensations becoming the first siblings since 1972 to swim at the Olympic Games.

The moment the siblings realized they were both heading to London, they started squealing with delight and shouting continuously “Oh My God”, the splashing of water and the embracing of each other, Bronte said, “This was the most amazing thing that has ever happened in my life”.

Their joint Olympic dreams brought an end to any sibling rivalry, she said. “We train together and race together so often we have just had to shut down that side,” Cate said.

The teenager had been tipped to go head to head with Libby Trickett as the top Australian sprinter but a constant reoccurrence of health problems halted her progress.

She admitted she would have quit the sport if not for the support of her younger sister who has also battled with similar health problems. “To be down in the dumps with someone and then reach the highest of highs with someone is a really incredible experience”.

The 1972 Olympics was the last time siblings have been selected together on an Australian Olympic swimming team.

Sounds like London will have to deal with more then what they expect when it comes to these two.

We can’t wait to see them in action in July! What a great achievement for the two girls. Swimwear Shack is so proud and we wish them all the best of luck.


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