Alright, we understand that the very word ‘aerobics’ might make your heart rate take a giant leap, but give us a chance to explain why water aerobics is one of the best exercise routines for all ages and walks of life! Here are a few quick facts on the benefits of this low-impact, high calorie burning workout routine:

  • Just one hour of water aerobics can burn anywhere from 450 to 790 calories! If you are combining it with a healthy diet, you’re having pure fat loss.
  • ¬†Over weight people can do more types of movements while within the pool then they can on dry land. All with out the stress on the joints as the water helps support you.
  • You are giving you heart a cardiovascular work out and with a good routine it will work every major muscle within your body.
  • The water adds resistance to your movements, in a sneaky way, so you are really working out more efficiently and don’t even feel it!
Get a few friends together and run your own water aerobics class if there isn't already one established at your local pool!

Get a few friends together and run your own water aerobics class if there isn’t already one established at your local pool!

See, it’s not so bad! For obvious reasons, water aerobics is quickly gaining popularity, with most swimming pools offering some kind of water aerobics class each week. But you don’t have to pay for an instructor or gym membership to get your water aerobics workout! You can watch some YouTube videos on specific water aerobics workouts and get started in the comfort of your own pool, or venture down to the local pool while the kids are at school and get stuck into this great water activity! You will only need swimwear, towel, a noodle, water bottle, and water weights to get you started. Optional equipment includes a swim cap!

Here are some pointers to keep in mind:

  • Do not be surprised at the variety of people that go to water aerobics. They will come in all shapes, sizes and ages.
  • You will not be expected to be at the same fitness level as those who have been taking the class for a while. So don’t push it too fast. The size of the person next to you has nothing to do with their fitness level and you will be left in their dust at first. Just start at the fitness level you are at right now and no matter what keep moving.
  • Do bring a water bottle. Trust me, you will need it! Just set it on the side of the pool, in “your” spot, so you can grab it.
  • You will sweat in the pool. This shocked me at first. If you don’t like water splashed on your face, you may need to bring a towel to wipe off your forehead.
  • If you can talk and hold a conversation with your pool neighbour for most of the class, you probably need to kick up the effort. You will only get out of water aerobics what you put into it, just like any other form of exercise.
  • Do ask questions and don’t be afraid of the instructor. He or she will show you the proper form for a particular move and ensure your safety. They want you to not only enjoy the class but to also be safe.
  • Do look to your classmates for an idea as to what to grab for class. If they grab water weights or a noodle (a floatation device that looks like a long noodle) grab one too. There is nothing worse then having to leave the pool to get needed supplies. The class will not wait and you will be playing catch up.

So what are you waiting for? Give it a go this week!


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