swimcarnivalFor those with school aged children, the swimming carnivals are in full swing again, all trying their little hearts out and wondering if they have the goods to be an Olympic champion one day.

So what’s mum and dad’s role in all this?
Simple, you clap and cheer loudly, encourage them whether they win, lose or draw!! It’s not your role to criticise. Kids already know if they have had a bad race and need to know you love them regardless of a not so great effort. Some kids are born to race and as a coach it can take years to train them how to race properly, especially if they are nervous, anxious or pressured.

swimming_carnival_131_1317989672782_mAt top level I’ve seen a swimmer after a poor race effort and trust me their body language says it all. I simply ask what they would have done better if they could race it again. They always come up with the right answers. They don’t even need bawling out from me and experience tells me they get it right the next time because they don’t want to feel the way they do right now again. So give them positive emotion without going over the top.


Brigidine swimming carnival 2008 (209)Make sure they eat and drink properly on race day and stay hydrated throughout the day. Never tolerate bad behaviour though, meaning if they throw a wobbly (tantrum) after a bad swim or burst into tears, politely ignore. They have to deal with disappointment in life, it happens. It’s part of life, they won’t always win, the trick is to never give up trying!!!



Good luck to all over these next few weeks of school competition and enjoy every moment.

Take care



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