We are proud to present these hand paddles direct from the USA.

Why Strokemakers?

Strokemakers are designed to improve your stroke while limiting the stress on your shoulders. Strokemakers will help you to:

    • Increase your distance per stroke by preventing early recovery
    • Strengthen your swimming specific muscles
    • Improve feel for the water (the flow through holes and flexible design eliminate the “dead hand” feel
    • Exaggerate both correct and incorrect movements helping swimmers and coaches make corrections (the bright colours make seeing the hand in the water easier as well).


Assembly and Care

Cut the piece of tubing, with a pair of scissors, on the DIAGONAL, into thirds. Then cut one of the pieces in half (again, on the diagonal). You now have 2 larger wrist tubes and 2 smaller finger tubes. Cut any flat edges diagonally, so the tubing slides easily through the holes.

Place your hand on the paddle (R is right) with the thumb and index finger close to the edge of the paddle leaving a solid water foil on the pinky side (see diagram).

Place the finger and wrist tubing through the holes, adjusting for comfort (see diagram). You can trim excess tubing, but leave at least an inch hanging through or it will fall out. DO NOT ELIMINATE THE WRIST TUBING! The paddles are designed to allow and encourage fully finishing the stroke with the wrist tube in place. Flexible plastics are more sensitive to extreme temperatures so don’t leave your paddles where they can freeze or melt (car boot!). Also, don’t throw or smack them on hard surfaces, they can break.

When and how to use your new Strokemakers?

Strokemakers can be used in all 4 competitive strokes for drills, pull sets, and sprint- assisted swimming (really fun and fast with fins– simulate race speed and body position). When swimming fly, avoid circle swimming in one lane to avoid hitting your teammates. Try dropping down a size or two when switching from free to other strokes. You can also drop a size during taper and at the start of the season. Using a larger paddle for drills can help you “feel” both mistakes and correct form. Strokemakers are also great for synchro swimmers, water aerobics, and rehab work as they increase strength and sculling skill. They are also a great addition to body surfing.


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