DMC Fins

Customers often ask, “What is the difference between short blade and long blade swimming fins?” Apart from the obvious physical differences, there are some reasons why you might choose one over the other.

Long blade swimming fins

  • Long fins can benefit those learning to swim + propulsion from little effort and poor technique
  • Tend to be a cheaper alternative due to the material used to make the fins
  • Regularly found in equipment bins at your local pool
  • Can tend to be uncomfortable, especially for those with a broad foot
  • Works only the downward kick
  • Flexibility can be compromised along with increased possibility of cramp
  • Increased strain on joints and muscles
  • May train an incorrect kick technique that is long and slow
  • Don’t cut down long blade fins to make short blade fins + this creates a very stiff fin and puts strain on joints + smaller profile to push water

Short blade swimming fins

  • DMC fins are made with super soft materials for unique comfort
  • Better technique by implementing a short, fast kicking action
  • Swimmers can kick both up and down + more propulsion
  • Reduced chance of cramp and joint strain
  • Can be more expensive to purchase, but last much longer that rubber
  • Feel lighter in the water, but move more water that long fins

We hope that this is helpful in deciding which fin to purchase. Our recommendations are always based on each swimmers’ individual circumstances. Feel free to ask any of our staff about which fins might work best for you.

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