Well another season bites the dust.  This doesn’t mean that you can go and hibernate until the warmer months arrive.  Now is the perfect time to keep moving in the water and to get back to some fundamental basics.  Winter is the perfect time to keep moving, it keeps you healthy and generally keeps the bugs away.

What do I mean by fundamental basics?  Well by the end of the season people have been flogging themselves getting ready to compete either in triathlon, pool, ocean etc.  Down time gives us a chance to go back to doing drills and working on technique before building the load on the body again.

I’m a big believer in always making drills and technique work as part of any balanced program, so this week we’re going to visit the single arm drill.  This drill is designed to help with timing, rotation, catch of the stroke through to the leg and body position.

– Using a kickboard.  Place both hands on the board holding the board like playing a piano, fingers on the edge closest to you.
– Then start blowing all your bubbles out slowly with eyes looking down (not forward)
– Continually kick your legs.
– When your bubbles are blown, start pulling one arm down through the water all the way to your leg turning your head to that same side that you are pulling on to take an easy breath.
– As the arm comes over bring it back to the board again and hold while you repeat this process over working the same arm again.
– Do the one arm for a full lap then repeat this drill on the other arm coming back.

Drill Tips:
– Wear fins to help with kick and maintain a good body position in the water.
– Make sure you blow all your bubbles out for each arm cycle, DON’T keep turning the arm over and over until you need to breathe.  That is the incorrect way to do this drill.
– Make sure your hips start the body rotation first and not your shoulder.
– Keep kicking continuous and comfortable.

– Complete the same drill without the kick board.

Have fun!

Coach Spence


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