Hello Everybody,

What’s that saying?…..”the better your attitude the higher the altitude!”
Life throws us curve balls all the time and the beauty in playing sport and training is the strength and knowledge it can give us to handle different situations.  Take swimming for example, kids have to learn new skills and drills to improve their swimming, then the training get s a little tougher and training programs get more involved and they find it challenging at times…..a bit like life!  Kids get so much out of all the hard work although sometimes its not appreciated until they get older, the fantastic thing is that eventually they do get it!

Lessons for life:

– Never give up when things get tough.

– Learn to work within a team.  The coach and other swimmers show them that they can rely on others.

– Learning about hard work, because life can be hard, but the hard work makes the rewards even better.

Speedo Girl

My trainer kicks my butt literally three times a week and I thank him every time.  He gets 110% from me every session and I am not only getting stronger and fitter, but my head is clearer!

Remember, you’re only one thought away from happiness and never let your fear be stronger than your FAITH.

Coach Spence


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