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London has gone above and beyond everyone’s expectations with the management and design of the Olympic Village.  Not only has it been built to withstand the worlds greatest sportspeople but to structurally withstand for the next 50-100 years. Technical Director Ken Durbin said, “Our premise was that we’re designing and building for legacy, and, oh yes, we happen to be accommodating the Games first.

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Welcome Home!


Food Anyone?


Lots of R & R!



Recharge those batteries!


Speak with loved ones back home!



A breath of fresh air!


Or photos with a friend!



Don’t forget to get up early and grab a spot at 5am!


Everyone else can stay up to date with the Aussie world records which will smashed very day of the Olympics……Obviously!


Lastly, the best part…

I would assume that no bomb dives are allowed!



If you can find or have any more photos please post as we’d love to have a whole album of

the entire Olympic Village……



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