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ZEAL·OUS / ‘zeles / adj: To be consumed by intense enthusiasm or zeal. inspired by an active interest or passion

Zealous Swimwear was founded in 2011 and established in 2012, with the dream to inspire young athletes to be the best they can be. Our swimsuits promote our brands mantra; strength, courage, inspire, through our bright and dynamic swimsuit colours and prints. Based in Queensland, Australia and we have developed our unique brand using an expert team of Australian elite athletes, designers, textile specialists and machinists. We are 100% Australian owned and all swimsuits are produced in Australia.

We are passionate about swimwear, health & fitness, positive thinking and inspiring others to live a “Zealous” life through our swimsuits that embody our mantra Strength, Courage, Inspire.

Greatness is not this extraordinary and illusive quality which only the gifted among us experience. It is something that truly exists in all of us if we dare to believe it. That dream you're holding in your mind, it is possible. It won't be easy, there will moments when you will doubt yourself. You will experience failure and disappointment, but in life we all fall down, the question is who gets back up. Push yourself beyond your limits because that is where you find out what you are truly capable of. You will grow and learn more about yourself when you challenge the inconceivable. You will learn that it's not the title that makes you, it's not the success that makes you, it's your character that will define you.

Zealous Swimwear embodies the notion of passion, drive and the will to succeed in all endeavours. As a brand we seek to inspire greatness and confidence in athletes everywhere. Join us on our mission to inspire all athletes, big and small, to be the best they can be in and out of the water.

All swimsuits are produced on high grade polyester fabric with polyester lining. Each style is meticulously designed using unique, vibrant, colourful artwork and finished with reinforced stitching for a more durable fit. The rubber within each suit is tightly enclosed using the suits fabrics or binding material, to avoid chaffing and rashes when worn.

The fabric has superior colour fastness and won’t fade with extended use or under sunlight. The soft texture of the fabric ensures a comfortable fit against your skin as well as excellent shape retention, as it moulds to your figure with wear. The suits are also fast drying, making them suitable for daily training regimes. Care labels are provide on the inside of each garment and should be followed to prolong the life of your swimsuit.

When purchasing a Zealous swimsuit, you are buying a high quality, Australian made, long lasting training swimsuit. Zealous Swimwear is designed and produced for the sole purpose of frequent training in chlorinated and salt water. The cut of the suits is designed specifically to fit an athletic figure but is also versatile enough to suit a variety of other body shapes. The materials used in the production of the suits have the strength to last a minimum of 6 months when exposure to the chemicals in chlorinated pools. In most cases, the wearer, will get up to and over 12 months of use out of a single suit where the care instructions are followed.