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One of the best things about View Swimming Goggles is their range of corrective lenses that can be combined to create prescription swimming goggles. These corrective swim goggles are available in + and – dioptre prescription lenses which allow you to tailor your swimming goggles specifically to your visual needs.

View Swimming Goggles are also made to comply to the industry standards and are manufactured from the highest quality materials to ensure these swimming goggles provide unmatched comfort and fit.

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  1. View 'Platina' Corrective Lense

    View 'Platina' Corrective Lense


    Create your own custom goggles to suit your eyesight by selecting two lenses from our large range. Learn More
  2. View Kids Parts Kit
  3. View Kids Prescription Goggle Lens
  4. View Platina Goggle Strap Set

    View Platina Goggle Strap Set


    Create your own custom goggles with corrective lenses to suit your eyesight. Learn More
  5. View Platina Goggles - Black Colour: Black
  6. View Selene Swim Goggle Lavender

    View Selene Swim Goggle Lavender


    <p>The View "Selene" goggles are specialised women's goggles. View offers the only hypo-allergenic goggles on the market.</p> Learn More
  7. View Super Anti Fog Treatment 15ml

    View Super Anti Fog Treatment 15ml


    The View Super Anti-Fog treatment will remove the build-up of oils on your goggles. Learn More

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View is a high quality brand of swimming goggles. One of the most popular View goggles at the Swimwear Shack is View’s custom corrective lens option of goggles. Customers are able to choose which lens matches their prescription, and assemble the goggles themselves which will be perfect for their sight requirements. View is constantly raising the bar when it comes to goggle innovation, quality, and recognizing customer needs. You can buy View goggles online now from the Swimwear Shack, or check out the range in store in Woolloongabba, Brisbane.

About the View brand

Originating in Japan in 1952, View is one of the worlds first diving equipment manufacturers. Always constructed from high quality materials, with an unwavering commitment to quality and innovative designs, View has expanded globally since its inception.

View and the Swimwear Shack

Possibly one of our most popular goggles, View’s corrective lens swimming goggle option is perfect for those who love doing laps but are less enthusiastic as a result of their sight needs. View produces a range of mens, womens and childrens goggles which are high quality, durable and a comfortable design.