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Funkita swimwear is Australia’s most unique and vibrant women’s swimwear range and offer exceptional colour intensity, durability and comfort which is why they have seen rapid growth since they started back in 2004. 

Funkita was created after the success of the male swimwear label Funky Trunks to meet the demand for a women's swimwear version of already popular trendy brand. The Funkita swimwear range focuses on creating ladies swimwear designs that offer vibrant prints and colours, while remaining chlorine and fade resistant.

For women of all shapes and sizes Funkita swimwear is ideally suited to all forms of fun in the water; whether it’s early morning squad training, leisurely laps in the pool or lazy summer days at the beach, they are perfect for everyone.

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Funkita is a popular brand of women’s and girls swimwear which has recently branched off from the Way Funky umbrella, which also included Funky Trunks. Funkita and Funky Trunks are a brother and sister Australian brand of trendy, fashionable, bright swimwear that has taken the swimming world by storm. As one of Swimwear Shacks most popular and sought after brands for women and girls, Funkita’s huge range of one-piece and bikini swimwear is something that you should look at purchasing for yourself or your daughter!

About the Funkita brand

Australia’s Funkita brand, launched in 2004, is the sister company of the Funky Trunks. While they have similar designs and psychedelic patterns, the Funkita brand is for women, girls and toddlers, and the Funky Trunks brand is for men, boys and toddlers. These two unique brands fall under the Way Funky Company.

As an Australian brand, the design house of Funkita is located in Collingwood, Australia. With an emphasis on originality and quality, the Funkita range has made a huge name for itself in Australia already. With their individual designs, which accentuate your personality, Funkita has quickly become the brand of choice for women and girls everywhere. Particularly, young girls and teenagers in swim training or school swimming classes love the brand for making them stand out.

One of the best things about Way Funky and the Funkita brand of swimwear is that they are continually improving their styles and designs. With a new range every three months, Funkita swimwear is as much of a fashion statement as it is a swimwsuit. Their blends of Italian fabrics, stylish but practical cuts, and unique design patterns, ensure that Funkita meets the demands of the customer.

The great thing about the Funkita swimwear range is not just its colour and flair, but its emphasis on creating swimsuits that are comfortable and practical to wear day after day in the pool. Whether it is swim training or recreational swimming, one-piece togs or two-piece sport bikinis, Funkita customers will look and feel confident in the Funkita range of swimwear.

Although it is an Australian company, Way Funky, with brands Funkita and Funky Trunks, is conquering the global swimwear market with their individual, vibrant designs and quality swimsuits.

Funkita and the Swimwear Shack

The Swimwear Shack is proud to support one of our most popular swimwear ranges, Funkita and Funky Trunks. We have found the Funkita swimwear range to be most popular with young girls and teenagers, and it is the most sought after brand when people come in to visit us at the Swimwer Shack in Woooongabba, Brisbane. We love the fun, vibrant colours and unique designs – and so do our customers. One Mum remarked that she doesn’t mind paying that little bit extra for the Funkita brand of swimwear, because it lasts her daughter twice as long as any other swimwear brand! With a new range of Funkita swimwear arriving in store every 3 months, you’ll be sure to find something that you like. Order your Funkita one-piece or bikini swimwear online now or visit us in store at the Swimwear Shack.