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Rashies are a versatile swimwear option. They can be combined with briefs, trunks, boardies and wetsuits for additional protection in the water.  Rashies are an important piece of equipment if you spend a lot of time in the water and you can buy quality options online now at the Swimwear Shack.

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Rashies Q&A

Rashies are an essential part of water sport kit.  If you love surfing, water skiing, diving and more, then rashies can help to protect your skin in the water.  When you get on/off surf boards and in/out of the water frequently you can rub the skin on your chest and arms.  Rashies will protect these vulnerable areas and help to prevent chafing and soreness.  Rashies can also offer you with more thermal protection to boost the warmth of your swimwear or wetsuits.  Here are just a few answers to some of the commonly asked questions about rashies.

1.  What does the word rashie mean?

Rashie is just a slang word that refers to rash vest or rash guard.  These are garments that are designed to protect your torso, shoulders and arms against rubbing in the water which can cause a rash across your skin.  This is a particular problem when you are surfing, body boarding, kite surfing or wind surfing as you will have to keep getting on and off your board.

2. Do rashies prevent sunburn?

UV radiation is a big issue for anyone that spends a long time in the water.  You cannot protect your skin in conventional ways with sun cream and sun block as this is soon washed away.  Rashies are designed with in-built UV protection and this can help to prevent sunburn and skin damage whilst you are in the water.

3.  How do rashies benefit scuba divers?

One of the main benefits of rashies is that they can be worn under wetsuits.  Divers spend a long time in the water and the further you dive down the colder the water gets.  This means staying warm is a major concern.  Rashies can be worn under wetsuits to increase thermal efficiency.  You can wear a rashie when diving to boost the warmth of a lightweight wetsuit. 

Rashies will also help to prevent any rubbing or chafing when you are wearing a wetsuit.  This can occur around the shoulders, chest and neck areas and can be very uncomfortable.

4.  Should a rashie be tight fitting?

Rashies are designed to be figure hugging. However they should not be too tight as this can restrict movement and could cause rubbing around the neck and shoulders.  If the rashie is too loose it could move around as you are swimming or surfing and will feel uncomfortable.  Make sure you try rashies on and check the sizing guidelines carefully before you buy.