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Men’s Swimwear Briefs Online

Men’s swimwear briefs are a great choice for competitive swimming.  They offer a sleek, low resistance design that offers high performance under racing conditions.  Briefs are also great for lounging on the beach and topping up your tan.  Find some quality briefs for the beach and pool online now from the Swimwear Shack.

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Men’s Swimwear Briefs FAQ

Swimwear briefs are a popular choice.  They offer support and minimal coverage for competitive swimmers and are also a comfortable option for the beach or poolside.  If you have an athletic physique then briefs can be a great way to show off all your hard work.   If you are thinking about buying swimwear briefs then you can find out more from this quick FAQ.

1.  Can I wear briefs for open water swimming?

You can wear briefs when swimming in the seas and oceans.  However it is important to remember they do not offer much in the way of thermal protection.  This means you may get cold if you enter cooler waters or stay in for too long.  Briefs only offer minimal coverage so there will also be minimal protection from UV light and any debris in the water.  You could combine briefs with rashies for more thermal and UV protection.

2. What briefs are best from competitive swimming?

If you do take part in competitive events then you will need a quality pair of swimming briefs that can offer the following characteristics:

-Streamline supportive fit

-Materials that offer low resistance and reduced drag in the water

-Chlorine resistance (to reduce fading and degradation from long-term exposure to pool environments)

-Low moisture absorption to reduce weight in the water and ensure faster drying

-Snag resistance

Look out for top sports brands such as Speedo that have a good name for competitive swimwear.

3. What size briefs will I need?

Swimwear briefs are typically sold in standard sizes (XS through to XXL) or waist measurements (28” to 42”).  You will need to make your own measurements and then refer to the manufacturer’s sizing guidelines.  It is a good idea to try briefs on before you wear them in the pool to make sure they are comfortable and provide a good fit.  If they are too tightly fitted they will rub and feel very restrictive.  If they are too loose they could slip down whilst you are swimming.

4. Can I wear briefs for surfing?

You can wear briefs for surfing in warmer waters. However remember they will not provide much thermal or UV protection.  You could find your skin getting rubbed sore as you get on and off the board.  If you want to wear briefs for surfing then match them with a rashie top.  This will help to keep you warm and prevent sun burn.  This will also provide more protection for your skin as you get on and off your surf board.