Knotty Tiger

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Good things come in small packages. This powerful little Knot Buster® massage tool is designed to fit perfectly into the palm of the hand. Saves your hands and fingers from fatigue. Massage therapists actually love using this tool for chair massages because for the person getting the massage, it feels like someone’s applying deep pressure with their elbow. Portable, easy-to-pack size— Knotty Tiger can go anywhere! Three trigger point curves to apply differing amounts of pressure. Non-slip grip feature. Hard, firm and smooth surface glides over clothing. Check out our book “Happy Muscles” to help identify muscle knots/trigger points our tools can help with.

Special Features

  • Three different curve surfaces allow you to apply different types of pressure
  • Feels like someone is massaging with their elbow, without all the work
  • Non-slip grip feature ensures secure, controlled muscle manipulation
  • Hard, firm and smooth surface glides over clothing
  • Easy to clean: Simply use anti-bacterial gel or gently wash the surface with soap and water

Who Can Benefit

Someone who carries stress and tension in the back and shoulders, and/or suffer from headaches. This is a fantastic buddy massage tool because it saves hands, fingers, and thumbs from fatigue. With the right amount of pressure, it actually can feel like an “elbow” tool – where someone is using their elbow to help dig into some of the tough, tight muscles.

Where Does It Work Best

Work best for self-massaging on the neck, shoulder, pecks, biceps, triceps, arm, hip, IT band, and other small muscles. This tool works great to help massage your buddy on their shoulders and back.

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