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Sun Protection

Additional Protection with Rashies

Rashies are a great option for beach wear.  They are very versatile and can be used to offer additional protection for your kids when they are playing on the sand or in the water.  The Swimwear Shack can offer good quality rashies for kids of all ages.  Both long and short sleeve options are available.

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 Why Your Kids Need Rashies

Rashies are essential piece of kit for any families that spend a lot of time on the beach or by the pool.  These garments are designed to provide additional protection for the skin.  They can help to prevent sunburn, rubbing, scrapes and stings (from jelly fish).  Rashies also offer more thermal protection for children that spend a long time in the water.

You can buy rashies quickly and easily online from the Swimwear Shack.  There are plenty of designs on offer including short and long sleeve options.  Rashies are typically made from Lycra as this is lightweight, stretchy and has low water absorbency.  You can also get versions made from spandex, nylon and polyester.

Water Sports

If your kids take part in water sports then they can benefit from a rashie.  Many water sports such as body boarding, surfing and wind surfing require kids to get on and off boards frequently.  This can cause rubbing across the stomach, chest and arms.  After a while this rubbing can start to get very sore and can cause irritation and rashes. 

A rashie is designed to provide additional protection for the torso and arms to prevent rubbing and chafing.  They can be slipped on over swimsuits, board shorts and bikinis to protect your children and provide more coverage when they are taking part in water sports.

UV Protection

When your kids are playing on the beach or in the water then they will be exposed to UV light.  Overexposure can cause problems such as sun burn and skin damage. Rashies have in-built UV resistance.  This can help to protect your children against UV radiation when they are both in and out of the water.

Children as so active it can be hard to make sure they have the right protection from sun cream and sunblock. This is why it is such a good idea to consider swimwear that can offer permanent UV protection that will not be washed off in the water.

Thermal Protection

Children have small body masses and so can be vulnerable to the cold.  Rashies can provide an additional layer of thermal insulation for when they are in the water or playing on the sand.  Rashies can also be worn under wetsuits for cooler conditions for addition warmth. 

You can buy rashies in different thicknesses. The thicker rashies will provide more thermal protection and so is a good option for cooler water conditions.