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Great Choices Online for the Post Mastectomy Figure

There are a number of excellent swimsuits available to buy these days for the post mastectomy figure.  These can offer you a combination of coverage, comfort and style so that you can enjoy the beach and pool. 

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Buying Swimwear Post Mastectomy

Going through a mastectomy can be tough and can really put a dent in your confidence.  However there is no need to shy away from getting your body out on the beach again.  You can wear a swimsuit again with confidence and get back to enjoying the beach or pool.

Getting the right swimwear for the post mastectomy figure can be easy if you follow these basic tips.

1. The Right Fit

Fit is essential when buying any kind of swimwear.  You will want to make sure the swim suit is comfortable and not too tight or too loose.  Try on a few styles of suit before you buy.  Look out for designs that offer adjustable straps and this can make it much easier for you to find the best fit.

Post mastectomy swim suits will have integrated pockets to keep your breast forms in place and also create a more natural look. This means you will be able to enjoy all the activities you love on the beach without worrying about how you look. 

2. Swimsuit Styles

You may be surprised at how many designs can offer a flattering result for the post mastectomy figure.  As well as some excellent one-piece designs there are also some great bikinis and tankinis on offer. These tops provide a bit more coverage than standard bikinis and can be combined with thongs, boylegs or shorts

If you are concerned about scars left over from surgery then choosing higher necklines and halter top designs can provide you with more coverage.

3. The Perfect Colour

Choosing a flattering colour and pattern can go a long way to boosting your confidence on the beach or around the pool.

-The general rule is to wear a slightly darker colour on the areas you want to minimise and a brighter colour to emphasise your assets.

-For example if your bottom half is larger than your shoulders and chest then you could wear darker bikini briefs and then a more colourful bikini top.  This will help to draw attention from the hips and thighs and up towards your top half. 

-If you feel that your curves need a little more camouflage then choose prints that have an overall swirling pattern.  This will prevent the eye from resting on any single part of the body and can create a slimming effect overall.

-Shiny bright prints tend to make an area look larger than it is. You might want to opt for matt and opaque colours to make areas look smaller.  This can be a good way to slim down tummies and hips.

-Bikinis often come with little details such as ruching, embroidery, beading, belts and ties. These are highly visible so make sure they are only on areas you do want to draw attention to.