With Swimwear Shack in full swing for the New Year we thought we’d kick start our new year’s resolutions with a friendly gradual training session at the pool. The first few days into the week each member of Swimwear Shack was comparing what colour swimmers they were wearing and deciding whether or not it went with their goggles, fins, kickboard, cap and drink bottle. To set the record straight, we were the most fashionable and the brightest at the pool that day.

The night before we gathered all our swimming equipment together and prepared for the daunting training session that was about to confront us the following day. I thought maybe it’s a good idea to have an exercise plan beside the pool so I can monitor my laps and training reps. I re-thought about it and decided that swimming is supposed to be a fun recreational activity which keeps you cool in summer, maybe get the pen and paper out next time.

The day of the training session consisted of both the swimwear shack staff and customers getting involved in banter and sarcastic comments in regards to how fit each of us are, how many laps each of us are going to do and how good we’ve been for the last year……..

The results are in;

3rd Place – Alex (no show – automatically disqualified – points 0)

2nd Place – Myself (I feel I consistently swam relatively well. – points 5)

1st Place – Melissa (who shouldn’t be told she’s received first place, swam perfectly, technique as beautiful as a pelican and received bonus points for her swim fashion – points – 15)

Well done, Mel, that is until next week!

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