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The brand SKINS stands for body-moulded gradient compression equipment. SKINS uses the independently tested and registered BioAcceleration Technology: by compressing the skin more on certain body parts to where more blood flow is needed, the resulting flow of oxygen prolongs your endurance and enhances your general performance. You will also feel the benefits after your workout, because your muscles take less time to recover and will ache less long. SKINS compression wear is ideal for swimmers during land-based training and for triathletes.

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Skins is the worlds leading brand in compression sportswear. Whether you are an athlete, or just wanting to play some sport, go for a run, or hit the gym, Skins are suitable for all active lifestyles. The science behind the Skins range means that the wearer of Skins experiences quicker healing times and better circulation on the areas that their skins are worn. Skins improves your power, speed, stamina and recovery. The Swimwear Shack stocks a huge range of Skins and we won’t be beaten on price – so shop online, call us or come and visit us at the Swimwear Shack in Woolloongabba, Brisbane.

About the Skins brand

The idea behind Skins came about in 1996, when an Aussie skier wanted to ensure that he could ski all day and feel younger, better, and heal quicker than before, making him ready to get out and ski all day the next day. The starting point of the science behind skins, was his knowledge that improved blood circulation would supply more oxygen to his muscles, helping them work harder for longer, but also recover faster. It is now well known that Skins improve power and speed, as well as stamina and recovery.

While the Skins brand was initially worn and tested by pro athletes, before long, amateur athletes and gym-goers were clicking on to this great opportunity and advancement in sport science. Now, Skins is continually growing, with Skins products being sold in over 31 countries, and the Skins range consisting of over 160 products – and counting. Wearing Skins can help with everything from health conditions, to recovery rates, and improved fitness abilities.

Skins and the Swimwear Shack

Skins came to the Swimwear Shack in 2012. With many athletes, including kayakers, runners, riders and triathlon enthusiasts, becoming customers of the Swimwear Shack, it was obvious that something needed to be provided to accommodate their sporting requirements – Skins were the answer. With Skins products covering the whole family, from youth to men and women, the Swimwear Shack has all of the Skins products that you need. You can buy your Skins online through the Swimwear Shack, or come and visit us in store at Wolloongabba, Brisbane.