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Maddog began as a surf board designing company over 40 years ago under the trustful eye of founder and CEO John Morgan. John has been busy evolving Maddog ever since then and has helped Maddog gain recognition and respect from surfers all around Australia for producing high quality surfing wetsuits.

Maddog has gone from strength to strength with demand for swimwear and other surfing wetsuits with distinctive Maddog designs increasing annually. For many years now Maddog has been making top quality surfing wetsuits and beach swimwear.

"Maddog represents surf culture, a lifestyle that is typically Australian. Maddog conjures up humour, a fighting spirit and a fearless approach to life."

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Maddog is one of the premier wetsuit brands in Australia. Stocking a full range of adults and kids surfing shorties and steamers, Maddog is one of the Swimwear Shacks most stylish and popular wetsuits available. You can buy your Maddog wetsuit conveniently online from the Swimwear Shack, or visit us at the Swimwear Shack in Woolloongabba, Brisbane. The Swimwear Shack has a no-hassles return policy, so if the wetsuit you have ordered online isn’t what you were expecting, simply send it back for a full refund or exchange.

About the Maddog brand

Maddog originated as a surfboard shaping business in the 1970s, operating out of the popular Byron Bay. With director John Morgan guiding the brand since its origins, Maddog has evolved rapidly since then. Maddog attributes some of its success as a brand to the inspiration gained from the beautiful surrounds of northern NSW Byron Bay surfing community, and a lot of determination and hard work. As the Maddog surfboards gained recognition and momentum, the brand addressed another need within the surfing community – surfing wetsuits and clothing. For over two decades, Maddog has been producing high quality, stylish surfing wetsuits and apparel. John Morgan attributes the brands success to its stylish appeal, quality merchandise and an image that surfers are proud to relate to.

Due to these factors, Maddog has been successful in spreading its influence to international markets. Maddog has also extended its range, and is now a top seller of stylish mens and womens rashies. The womens version of Maddog, ‘Crystal’, meets the demand for brands that are quality, affordable, and gender-specific within the surfing community.

Maddog is not only a manufacturer, however. Part of Maddog’s huge success is attributable to the fact that they have maintained their roots within the surfing  community through four thriving retail stores in Byron Bay and Ballina of Northern NSW. This means that Maddog is able to see and hear first hand what their surfing customers want – as well as allowing staff to quality test the Maddog gear.

Maddog and the Swimwear Shack

Since our inception in 2011, the Swimwear Shack has stocked a huge range of Maddog wetsuits and, more recently, Maddog rashies for men, women and children. The brand is popular for its stylish look, which meets the needs of surfers around Australia, whether they are kids or adults. The Maddog range is completely unique in the Swimwear Shack, with no other brand quite like it. It is for these reasons that Maddog has been one of the Swimwear Shacks best selling brands. You can order your Maddog products online from the Swimwear Shack, or visit us in store and check out the huge range for yourself at Woolloongabba, Brisbane.