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Island Tribe

Island Tribe Sun Protection has been protecting active outdoor individuals since 1992 with their amazing range of sunscreen and sun block products that prevent harmful UV rays from damaging your skin.

Island Tribe sunscreen is researched and developed by leading sunscreen laboratories in South Africa and Australia, alongside professionals in the global sunscreen industry, to ensure that the sun protection products they offer are world class. All sunscreen products are tried and tested, ensuring maximum performance and a promise on quality delivery.

Island Tribe sun protection products are designed to give you maximum protection against UVA and UVB rays, each protecting formula being carried differently for a unique consumer in mind. In addition to this our products are recognised by CANSA as protection against the harmful effects of the sun.

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  • Island Tribe SPF50+ 50ml GEL

    Island Tribe SPF50+ 50ml GEL

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Island Tribe is the perfect sunscreen for water lovers. Whether you are a surfer, kayaker, triathlon enthusiast or diver, one of the unique benefits of Island Tribe sunscreen is that it is designed specifically with water lovers in mind, and its unique ingredients do NOT sting your eyes as other sunscreen often does when we get in the water. That makes Island Tribe fantastic for water lovers and families, as we all know how sensitive kids can be when it comes to sunscreen that stings their eyes! You can buy Island Tribe sunscreen online now, or come in store to visit us at the Swimwear Shack in Wooloongabba, Brisbane and try some Island Tribe products on for yourself.

About the Island Tribe brand

Watersport lovers in South Africa created island Tribe. The creators of Island Tribe saw the need for a sunscreen that was suitable for water activities, without having extremely painful results once it dripped into your eyes. Island Tribe is now a worldwide favourite when it comes to sun protection for water lovers and families alike. Its SPF 30 rating, smooth application without leaving your skin oily, ability to last for hours even in the water, and its unique non-stinging ingredients make Island Tribe sunscreen the very best on the market.

Island Tribe sunscreen has been so successful that it now has a complete range. From regular family care sunscreen, to Island Tribes anti-aging sunscreen, and even their aloe vera after sun gel – Island Tribe now has all of your sun needs protected. You can buy Island Tribe sunscreen in family sized tubes, or individual/travel sized tubes. Island Tribe sunscreen even comes in a pump, spray on applicator.

Island Tribe and the Swimwear Shack

Since opening in 2011, the Swimwear Shack has always stocked a full range of Island Tribe products. At the Swimwear Shack, we understand how important it is to keep protected while you are out in the sun, especially if you are on the water where the suns UV rays can be even more powerful. However, as water lovers ourselves, we also understand how irritating it can be to apply sunscreen to your face, only to have it wash off and sting your eyes. For surfers, divers, and triathlon enthusiasts, whose eyes are vital to their sport, this irritating sting can cause a major problem. When the Swimwear Shack discovered Island Tribe, and all of its benefits, we tried it ourselves and were immediately lifetime supporters of Island Tribe sunscreen. It feels great, doesn’t look oily on your skin, protects you even while you are swimming, and doesn’t sting your eyes – what more could you want?