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AROPEC started as a supplier of famous sporting brands and is now taking over the surfing wetsuits, rashies and swimwear industries. Aropec has focused on pioneering high quality surfing wetsuits that meet the rigorous standards that professional surfers demand, however are cheap enough for everyone to buy and enjoy.

Regardless of if it's a surfing wetsuit, rashie or swimwear, you will be amazed at the world-class quality products Aropec manufactures. Aropec are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of neoprene products which goes beyond just surfing wetsuits to encompass all types of swimwear.

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Aropec manufactures a huge range of diving, surfing and swimming equipment. Their quality and reputation of covering a large volume of equipment makes them one of Swimwear Shacks most popular brands, both online and in store. The Aropec range includes wetsuits, rashies, booties and board shorts. Aropec is a great brand for the whole family as they provide a range of both mens, womens and kids cuts in wetsuits and rashies, with a variety of great colours to choose from.

About the Aropec brand

Aropec began as a supplier of famous sport brands in 1963. Eventually, Aropec branched off to form their own range of high quality, affordable swimming, surfing and diving equipment. The Aropec range is based on the designs of more expensive brands, but the quality is second to none.

Aropec in the Swimwear Shack

The Swimwear Shack offers a massive range of swimming, beachwear and watersport equipment to suit everyone. Aropec is one of the Swimwear Shacks most popular brands. Aropecs affordable, quality range makes them the first port of call for many water lovers. Whether you are shopping online or in store, be sure to check out the range of Aropec equipment on offer.