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History of the Rash Vest

History of the Rash VestA rash vest, also known as ‘rash guard’, or ‘rashie’ and is an Australian invention. Rash vests were manufactured primarily to give comfort to the surfer. As the name suggests, rash vests prevent a skin irritation that can occur when rubbing against either the sticky wax on the surf board or the neoprene of a wetsuit. The soft light-weight rash vest prevents the skin from coming into contact with these raw materials and prevents chafing.

Wearing a tight-fitting rash vest also keeps surfers warm when a neoprene wetsuit isn’t needed. In the warmer Australian waters, surfers prefer a thermal breathable rash vest over a heavy, sometimes sweaty and limiting, wetsuit.

That rash vests are not only for men is made clear by the number of colours and designs available. Girls have made rash vests a real fashion item! Rash vests also help women cover up while being active in the water or on the beach.

Since rash vests also offer sun protection, more and more surfers, (free)divers, snorkellers, wakeboarders, swimmers, kayakers and beachgoers wear rash vests these days. With inflatable rash vests being the latest invention, this is only the beginning of what there is in store for this multi-purpose fair dinkum Australian product!

Do you know what to look out for when buying a rash vest?

Check out our Rash Vest FAQ for frequently asked questions about rash vests.

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