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At the Swimwear Shack you can find a selection of swim caps.  These accessories can protect your hair and scalp from chlorinated water and will also help to keep your hair contained.  Some swimming pools may require you to wear a cap so it is a good idea to keep one in your swim bag at all times.

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Buying the Right Swim Cap

You can find swim caps here online at the Swimwear Shack.  There are lots of options when it comes to swim caps so you will need to do your research first to find out which cap is right for you.

Latex Swim Caps

One of the most popular options for leisure swim caps is latex.  This type of synthetic rubber is flexible and affordable.  Latex caps provide good protection against chlorinated water but some people can be allergic to the chemicals used in this synthetic product.

Silicone Swim Caps

Silicone is an excellent material for swim caps.  Silicone is extremely flexible and this means it provides a very comfortable and secure fit.  Silicone caps are popular with professionals because they offer high performance, protection and durability.  Top brand names such as Speedo have also developed silicone hats with extremely low resistance which means less drag in the water.

Silicone caps can also be worn safely by people that suffer from latex allergies.  However silicone swim caps are a bit more expensive than the latex options.  Also silicone is a very smooth slick material.  If you have very long hair you may find these types of caps do not grip quite as well and could slip free whilst you are swimming.

Lycra and Polyester Swim Caps

You can also buy swim caps made from Lycra and polyester.  These do not offer very much protection from chlorine as they will absorb water whilst you are swimming. However Lycra and polyester caps are very stretchy and comfortable to wear.  They can provide an effective way to keep your hair contained whilst you are swimming (if you don’t mind getting your hair wet). They will also help to protect your scalp from the sun if you are swimming outdoors.

Many people use Lycra and polyester caps as an under-layer to synthetic rubber caps.  They help to keep the hair in place and prevent it from pulling.

Choosing the Right Fit

If a swim cap is too tight it will be difficult to put on and also very uncomfortable.  After a while you will start to feel the tight edges of the caps digging into your forehead and scalp and this can give you a headache.  If the cap is too loose it will quickly pull free when you are in the water.

Synthetic rubber, Lycra and polyester hats are very stretchy but you do need to make sure you have chosen the right size for your head.  Take a measurement with a soft tape measure around your head where your swim cap would normally sit.  You can then use this measurement to help you find the right size cap.