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Snorkelling Gear

Check out the underwater world!

Getting in the water to watch marine life, such as fish an coral, is an amazing experience. But finding the right snorkelling gear to suit the shape of your face and foot type can be tricky. Make sure to get a snorkelling set that suits you and is durable enough to last a few seasons. Swimwear Shack has selected some affordable (and comfortable!) snorkelling equipment to sell online. We sell masks, fins, snorkels and flotation devices. This is the fast and easy way to get the snorkelling equipment you need. If you are unsure about the size, you are welcome to contact us.

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What You Need to Go Snorkelling

Snorkelling is an easy and affordable way to view the Oceans marine life. Make sure you get the right gear for you and your family. Snorkelling is an enjoyable water sport activity that the whole family can join in.

You Will Need:

Mask - You want a mask that is comfortable, fits correctly around your face and doesn't leak. The best way to check if you have the correct fitting mask is to place it firmly upon your face and hold the air between your nose and throat. If the mask sticks to your face without the aid of the mask strap comfortably then you have the right fit!

Snorkel - There are many different options of Snorkels out there and it is down to personal preference to which is the right one. For example; the Purge Valve snorkel allows the water to be cleared from the snorkel at the lower end so therefore requires less effort to clear your snorkel than standard models.

Fins - Wetsuit Warehouse has selects a great range of snorkel fins; from full foot fins to open heel. When you are snorkelling remember that you will be skimming on the surface of the water so it is better to choose a shorter length and lighter weight fin otherwise you will find it difficult to kick and tire easily.