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Protect Your Eyes with Goggles

The right pair of goggles is essential for providing protection for your eyes in the water. The Swimwear Shack has a great range of swimming goggles for sale online.  You can find goggles for both professional and leisure use.  This is the fast and easy way to get the swimwear accessories you need.

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Tips for Choosing Swimwear Goggles

There are lots of different types of swimwear goggles on the market.  This can make choosing the right goggles a bit tricky.  You will need to do your research and make sure you have identified your own needs clearly.   Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect pair of swimming goggles.

1. Find the best fit

You need goggles that will fit comfortably around your face and eyes.  They need to be close fitting to keep the water out of your eyes but not so tight they pinch.  Although adjusting the strap can assist with fit if the goggles are too wide for your face then you will not be able to create the suction needed to keep the goggles in place.

- You do need to try a few goggles on to see which designs are the right width for your face.  When you place the goggles over your eyes you should feel instant suction. This indicates the goggles are the right size.  Check in a mirror to see if there are any gaps around the seal which might let water in.

- It is also a good idea to measure the width of your face as some manufacturers do provide sizing guidelines.

- Check the goggles are comfortable around the nose bridge.  If they are too tight here they can pinch and this can get painful after a while.  If they are too big you will not be able to get the suction you need to create a good seal.

2. Lens Colour

Goggles are available in a wide range of lens colours.  These are designed to perform under different light conditions.  You will need to think about when and where you will use your goggles to help you determine the right colour lens for you:

- Amber Lens – this is a popular choice that can offer good vision in both bright natural light (open water swimming and outdoor pools) and also low level artificial light (indoor pools).  They reduce glare without impairing vision and are a good all-round option.

- Clear Lens – these lenses allow you to see clearly in low level light conditions.  This is a good option if you generally swim in indoor pool environments.

- Blue Lens – blue lenses provide good protection from glare in changeable conditions.  They may be a little dark for some low level indoor pool or overcast conditions though.

- Dark Lens – you can get dark grey/black lenses.  These are too dark for low level light conditions but can be very useful if you typically swim outdoors on bright sunny days.